Devo Ke Dev Mahadev | Mahadev Attitude Status || Bhola Nath Status In Hindi

Devo Ke Dev Mahadev | Mahadev Attitude Status || Bhola Nath Status In Hindi

Mahadev Sms Attitude Shayari Status Messages - There is a unique relationship between Mahadev and his devotees, Mahadev Sms Status Shayari in Hindi Lord Shiva is known by so many names in his devotees, so many names and worshiped with reverence Baba Mahadev does not let his devotees be disappointed in life till the end. In today's time of Facebook and WhatsApp, people use status to show their reverence for Baba Mahadev. In this post, you have been given some similar Sms Attitude Status Shayari of Mahadev God.

Mahadev Status Mahakal Status In Hindi || Best Mahakal Attitude Status 2020

Mahadev Attitude Status || Bhola Nath Status In Hindi

Never show me that day my #mahkal ??,Let's try me on me.Keep me in everyone's heart like this,That everyone # be forced # to offer prayers. ??Ajay Mahakal ...

 Hanuman Ji's chest.
Devotees will get Ram and our chest…
Look at rip-offs
Ajay Mahakal ...

The same happy, same weird, same luck,Whose god Mahadev is the guardian.Every Har Mahadev.

No months are counted, no years are accounted for,
Love still remains unaccounted for since Mahakal.
Ajay Mahakal.

What shall I do by becoming richMy great age is crazy about fakir.Ajay Mahakal.

 Whenever I worry about my bad circumstances,
Then comes the voice of my great grandfather,
Wait, I come now.
Ajay Mahakal.

Hey Shivshankar, O Bholenath!We will win every win…Just give Harpal withHar Har Har Mahadev

May it be enough to get you
That those who see me may also be in love with you.
Om Har Mahadev Ajay Shri Mahakal

By adding tax to tax,Salute to Shiva…Shiva's attention every moment,All work will be successful…Ajay Shivshankar…

Where the nawab of people comes to an end,
The dynasty of the Mahakala Diwas begins from there.
Ajay Mahakal.

Today, due to new boli mannaMakha, Kaan had worn garland around my neck,Chilham shoots in #Madam Bholenath's castHar Har Mahadev

 We are devotees of Shiva
Don't change your path,
We believe only on Mahadev,
God does not change again and again !!
Har Har Mahadev

They change with the situation,Those who are weak…!We are dear to MahakalThings change.Ajay Mahakal ...

Want of paradise is the dream of 72 Huron
We are devotees of #Mahakal
We also love #Chita.
Every Mahadev ...

Make Mahakal not a deity, your friend, a friend, a guardian, whatever you tell, makes you feel spiritually right and wrong.Every Mahadev ...

Don't run away will do you favor from death.
Afterlife, Mrityu will join you with #Mahadeva.
#Jai Bhole Nath

Luck is not good if the lines are incomplete,We say that the hand on the head is of #Mahadeva,So no need for lines#Everywhere Shiva

Neither should I stay in low nor in caste
#Mahakal you live in my heart and I stay in my heart
#Everywhere Shiva. Mahakala

I can not bow, I am the unbroken part of valor !!Burn the soulI am the slave of #Mahadev.

Mahadev's name is Aadhaar,
Whose fate is that
He remains fearless throughout his life, \
Whose # Mahadev_Kharwala.

#The lover who loves Maya falls apartAnd my #Mahadev's lover is going to flourish ...!#Jai Shri Mahakala

The spring of mercy flows at the feet of Mahadev
But flows on the same
 Whose mind is Mahadev Mahadev
हर # har_har_ Mahadev

Kaal manyGod manyShakti manyEye manySerpent manyहर # har har mahadev

Who will sing the virtues of #Shiva,,
   # Shiva will make all his works ||
Every Har # Mahadev

It's fun to liveTill # MahadevDon't settle in your chest 🕉 # bomb_bhol_shankar

We are crazy about #Mahadev!
Let's sew #san
This is the forest of #Mahadeva!
The lion here thrives of #Riram!

Shiva Shambhu dancing on the beat of the drumTrishuldhari Gangadhar Baba Mahakal Sarveshu#Everywhere Shiva

Aghor is that
Shambhu who is not very loud,
Self-fear is free,
Be devoid of devotion,
Devoid of fascination,
Be a supreme devotee.
#Everywhere Shiva

Come and get my Mahadev done today.The whole world is yours and only you mine.Mahadev's Jai Jai Jai

Bowed at the feet of Sir # Mahadev,
Then she did not lean anywhere.
The handheld by #Mahadeva,
He always kept growing, never stopped.

Mahadev, you have taken a ride of millionsGive me a consoleThat is now # my_bari,Everywhere Shiva

Even if death comes,
# Scared
#Har_Har_Mahadev will do it
#Everywhere Shiva

Those who drink nectar are called devas,And those who drink poison,He is called #Mahadeva, the God of godsEverywhere Shiva

Naive stem
#Tar across the world
#Kade Mere #Sir Pe B.
# Hands
Give # move_betty_today.
Teri # bari hai .. # har_har_ mahadev

I am also a Shiva, without Shiva, the abode of Shiva.Shiva is my #Aradhya, I am Shiva's slave.#Everywhere Shiva

My #Mahadev's whereabouts are in every beat of my heart
#The world knows what these relationships are.

Mahadev is meaningless without you.I # word is yours # means mine.        #Jai Bhole Nath

Neither am I a poet nor do I have anything to do with poetry

It has become a hobby to narrate #Mahadev Teri Yaddo.

 Hundreds of pains get dull,The people of work get few,When trouble comes,Except for one #MahadevEverybody's doors are closed !!!!....Everywhere Shiva.

Don't know who I am ... !!
And I want to go... ❔
 महा # Mahadev is my destination and
 My place of residence is my place

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